The Programme of the Education
The Programme for a SPA trainer




I was born in 1947.

I finished the elementary school and the grammar school in Belgrade.

I graduated from the Medical School in Belgrade in 1976.

I finished my residency in neuropsychiatry in Belgrade 1983.

The present occupation: the specialist in psychiatry, associated specialist in psychiatry, Goodmayes hospital, East London.

I am a psychotherapist and a trainer of the British Psychodrama Association.

I am the cfief trainer of the Serbian Psychodrama Association SPA Moreno.

Previous jobs: the general physician internship lasting twelve months in 1977 in Belgrade.

I started my residency in psychiatry in the Institute of Psychiatry in Belgrade on the basis of temporary work contract. At the same year I spent three months in Maudsley hospital in London as a visiting doctor and I acquired the first important experience in the group analysis and in the psychodrama with Malcolm Pines.

I was permanently employed in the Institute of Psychiatry in the Clinical Center in Belgrade from 1979 till the end of December 1993.

I was working in Warley hospital, East London, as a senior house officer in psychiatry from April 1994 till February 1996.

He was working in North London teaching hospitals as a senior house officer in psychiatry from February 1996 till January 1999.

I was working at Royal London Hospital as a stuff grade in psychiatry from January 1999 till May 2004.

I have been working in Goodmayes hospital, East London, as a associated specialist in psychiatry from May 2004.

Education and experience in psychotherapy

During 1978, as a visiting doctor in Maudsley hospital London, I had an important experience in group analysis and in psychodrama with Malcolm Pines, the leading British psychoanalyst and group analyst who collaborated with Zerka Moreno and I was leading the psychodrama groups.

I used to spend every year about three months in the leading centres of intensive group psychotherapy and therapeutic community in Great Britain: Henderson hospital, Ufcum clinic and the other centers as well as in the Psychotherapy Department in St. Georges Medical School, London, Oxford and in the other centers from 1984 till the end of 1992. My first trainer in psychodrama and tutor in psychotherapeutic training was Andrew Powel, Psychotherapy Department head in London and Oxford, the group analyst and the psychodrama trainer in BPA.

Education in Psychodrama in the British Psychodrama Association from 1984 till 1991.

My chief trainer was Marcia Karp who graduated from psychodrama with its creator, J. L. Moreno. My other trainers were Ken Sprague, Andrew Powel, Zerka Moreno, Monica Zureti, Jim Sachs and others. I finished part of my training in New York.

I graduated from psychodrama with Marca Karp in International Holwell centre for psychodrama in British Psychodrama Association in 1991. I have been a psychodrama practitioner in the British Psychodrama Association since 1991 and I have been a registered psychotherapist in the United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy since 1992.

I have been a trainer in the British Psychodrama Association as well an an author of a part of the training programme of BPA since 1994.

Group analysis education. I passed through the Overseas training of London Institute of Group Analysis held in Belgrade from 1987 till 1993.

I passed through the first twelve months of Introductory Course and then through the Diploma course.

My trainers were George Renton and Anne Mholongo.

I passed successfully all experiential and theoretical classes as well as the leading of the group of patients under supervision.

Psychodrama activities in Yugoslavia:

During 1986 I organized the first psychodrama workshop in Belgrade which was led by Andrew Powel. From 1986 till the end of 1991 I organized the workshops in Yugoslavia led by Marcia Karp, Ken Sprague, Mike Watson, Rudi Nojgard, John Casson, Susie Taylor.

Since 1988 I have been leading the first educational and experiential psychodrama group in Yugoslavia. The members of this group were the present psychodrama trainers in Yugoslavia. From 1990 till 1992 we informally founded the Yugoslav Psychodrama Association. I was its informal president and the chief trainer. I created the basic educational programme of psychodrama in Yugoslavia which consisted from three degrees as well as the examination programme. I led the first exams in Belgrade in 1992.This programme was later developed in the educational programme of the Serbian Psychodrama Association SPA Moreno which was founded in 2002 and officially registered in 2004. During 1990 I and my colleagues went to Skoplje several times where I helped in developing of the psychodrama in Macedonia and I led the first exams for the second degree in Skoplje. From the beginning of 1991 I led the introductory course of psychodrama in Zagreb every month during the weekends until the war broke off the connections between Belgrade and Zagreb. During that year the psychodrama flourished in Belgrade with six public performances at Students Cultural Centre, the students group at the Students Cultural Centre which had one session per week as well as five visiting trainers from Great Britain. I with my colleagues from Europe started the preparations for the Congress in Belgrade entitled - Psychodrama in East and West Europe but the war in 1991 stopped them. At the same 1990 the exam from the introdustory degree of psychodrama was held in Belgrade led by A. Powell. Beside me, Jasna Veljkovic, Vladimir Milosevic and Zoran Djuric passed that exam. During 1991 Zoran Ilic, Valentina Jacimovic and Zvonko Dzokic passed the exam. I finished my psychodrama training in Great Britain in 1990 and in 1991 I passed the final exam of psychodrama with Marcia Karp. My training years lasted from 1984 till 1991. As a graduate psychodrama therapist from the British Psychodrama Association, I was leading the new generation cosisting of thirty students in Belgrade during 1991/1992. My assistants were Jasna Veljkovic and Vladimir Milosevic. During 1990 I was leading thirty new students with the assistants Zoran Djuric and Zoran Ilic. In 1992 I was the president of the Examining Board when Vesna Vukovic; and Sanja Zivotic and in 1993 Pedja Zivotic passed the exam for the psychodrama second degree. Psychodrama education cosists of three degrees. From 1994 till 1995 I was the president of the Examining Board when Slavko Mackic and Pedja Trudic and in 1995 Ranko Vukovic and Olivera Veselinovic passed the exam for the second degree.

On September 2004 I was the president of the Examining Boards when the SPA student Dragan Milivojevic passed the exam for the first degree of the education and Kristina Lalic Spirkovic passed the exam conditionally for the second degree. Next year Nebojsa Pjevic passed the exam for the first degree. The education of the Serbian Psychodrama Association SPA consists from three degrees.

Since 1994 till today I have been coming to Belgrade regularly twice or three times per year and I have been leading educational and experiential psychodrama groups. Approximately in 1999 a group of my ex students consisting of Jasna Veljkovic, Vladimir Milosevic, Zoran Djuric, Zoran Ilic, Slavko Mackic founded the Yugoslav Association of Psychodrama Therapists YUPA. As the only graduated psychodrama therapist in Yugoslavia and BPA trainer, I suggested to my colleagues from YUPA the educational programme similar to the programme of the British Psychodrama Association whose trainer I was. My suggestion implied the necessity that at least 50% of educational lessons in Yugoslavia led the graduated psychodrama therapists, i. e. those who passed through the complete training, all classes, wrote all essays, passed all exams and who can offer the high quality education and that the YUPA colleagues led the rest of 50% of educational lessons. All the colleagues from YUPA did not agree with my programme which is similar to the programme od the British Psychodrama Association. Although they did not graduate from the psychodrama, they wanted to lead the education by themselves. They had a longtime experience but not the complete training. The price od the education per session in YUPA was double higher than the price which I have charged since the end of 1991, too.

From 1990 till the end of 1993 I was leading the weekend psychodrama workshops in Skoplje, Podgorica and Pristina.

I led the refugees group in Lepenski Vir in 1993.

From 1987 till the end of 1993 I was leading the first psychodrama outpatient group in Belgrade once per week. From 1991 till the end of 1993 I was leading the psychodrama groups five times per week for the patients of the Daily hospital of the Institute of Psychiatry in Belgrade.

Currently on Monday I am leading the experiential and educational group in psychodrama at St. Clements hospital in London. From February 2002 till December 2005 I was leading the outpatient group analysis on Tuesday and on Wednesday I was leading the outpatient psychodrama group. At present on Tuesday I am leading the educational psychodrama group in Goodmayes hospital, East London.

Since 2002 within The Serbian Psychodrama Association I have been leading the new generation of twenty students of psychodrama in Belgrade. I am three times per year in Belgrade and then I have been leading groups of permanent students three times per week from 6 PM till 10 PM. I am leading an open group on weekly basis, too. When I am absent, Slavko Mackic will lead psychodrama students group once per month. In addition to psychodrama, students had another 214 experiential hours (107 sessions) from the group analysis which were led by Tija Despotovic and Marija Vezmar. Ljiljana Milivojevic taught the theory of psychodynamic and group psychotherapy. Jasna Veljkovic and I teach the theory of psychodrama and group therapy. The SPA Moreno students also have an experience in Play Back Theatre. Its introductory course was led by Di Adderley, the trainer of Play Back Theatre and sociodrama in Great Britain, in Belgrade and Novi Sad in May 2006.

Students, assistant trainers and I founded the Serbian Psychodrama Association SPA Moreno in 2002 which continued to teach psychodrama according to the principles which were applied when we started the psychodrama in the first experiential and educational group in Belgrade in 1988. SPA was registered in July 2004. You can learn about the educational programme, the programme of the exams and the programme of the activities of SPA Moreno in seven documents of SPA Moreno enclosed in the Appendix.

Belgrade, June 2006.

Dusan Potkonjak